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Rise & Shine: Glenda Ritz and the state board go supernova

The long simmering tension on the state board finally exploded in confrontation:

  • A debate over Common Core standards escalates until Ritz walks out. (Chalkbeat)
  • Ritz says she was trying to stop an illegal resolution from the state board. (WTHR)
  • The underlying issue is who controls education policy in Indiana. (The Statehouse File)
  • Ritz says the state board is trying to usurp her authority. (NWI)
  • Ritz: Pence is undermining the Indiana Department of Education. (StateImpact)
  • Communication breakdown is part of the state board story. (WIBC)
  • This feud has been long running. (Indy Star)

Before the meeting went south, the state board actually approved a limited plan on A to F grades:

  • The A to F plan defers most of the tough issues. (Chalkbeat)
  • Schools would be graded on a 100-point scale. (Journal Courier)
  • The new A to F plan cleared its first hurdle. (NWI)
  • Categories are set for A to F but the data is not ready. (The Statehouse File)
  • The state board was leery, but they approved the concept for a new A to F system. (StateImpact)
  • After a moment of unity, chaos erupts. (AP)

There were dueling newspaper columns by Pence and Ritz, along with a pretty harsh editorial:

  • Gov. Mike Pence called for Ritz to join him in a “civil, respectful,” debate over education policy in a newspaper column. (Indy Star)
  • See also Ritz’s Tuesday newspaper column assailing Pence’s “complete education takeover.” (Journal Courier)
  • Editorial: Ritz’s actions were an embarrassment and a disservice. (Indy Star)

In other education news:

  • A deer breaks into an Indiana school and there’s video. (WTHR)
  • Amos Brown interviews robot-making IPS students. (WTLC)
  • Erika Smith: Robot competition is good for kids. (Indy Star)
  • Patrick Riccards: Both sides are to blame for vitriol in education debates. (Eduflack)
  • New York City may have issued its last A to F grades Wednesday. (Gotham Schools)
  • A handful of states are actively trying to save cursive writing. (AP)
  • Struggling to understand a young person’s suicide. (Indy Star)