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Rise & Shine: Ritz vs. Pence battle featured in the NY Times

  • Indiana’s Ritz vs. Pence battle is one of the nation’s most combative political fights. (NY Times)
  • Oliver to Ritz: Drop “unfounded allegations.” (IndyPolitics)
  • State board calls for an emergency meeting. (Indy Star)
  • Attorney general says the motion that caused Ritz’s walkout was OK. (StateImpact)
  • See earlier: Zoeller sides against Ritz; state board may call emergency meeting. (Chalkbeat)
  • Ritz mined an old email account for her newest accusation against CECI. (Indy Star)
  • No end in sight to Ritz and Pence’s communication woes. (AP)
  • Steve Hinnefeld: In Ritz vs. Pence, who’s blocking whom? (School Matters)
  • Todd Smekens: CECI wants to strip Ritz of her role. (Muncie Voice)
  • Lawrence Township narrowed its superintendent search. (Indy Star)
  • State education officials will hear testimony on plan to eliminate Muncie busing. (Star Press)
  • New sponsor keeping a close eye on Charter School of the Dunes. (NWI)
  • Mishawaka ponders school merger with Penn-Harris-Madison. (SB Tribune)
  • Retired teachers back in school as intervention specialists. (SB Tribune)
  • Chicago, D.C. school leaders’ names surface for possible NYC school chancellor. (Gotham Schools)
  • Denver school board winners raised big money, including from outside the state. (EdNews Colorado)

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