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Weekend Reading: Computers poised to score student essays in Florida

Fredrik Olofsson via Flickr
  • Frank Cerabino: Florida makes the move to computer scoring of essays on state tests (Palm Beach Post)
  • When does no excuses discipline go to far? (Atlantic)
  • Jeb Bush seeks common ground with education critics (Washington Post)
  • Latasha Gandy: Education reform isn’t a game to me (Education Post)
  • Going deep on Minneapolis’ school suspension crisis (Minn Post)
  • Students challenge TFA’s CEO on attacks on public education (In These Times)
  • Creating a level playing field in education (Real Clear Education)
  • Five great teachers on what makes a great teacher (NPR)
  • Far fewer New York teachers passed certification tests last year after new exams were introduced (NY Times)
  • Interactive whiteboards for schools see a big dip in sales (Ed Week)
  • Andrew Rotherham & Richard Whitmire: DC improvements show policy leaders need to make tough decisions (Real Clear Education)
  • Using the term “Pre-K” is often a politically motivated (Atlantic)
  • Cable news channels aren’t featuring education very much — and they’re featuring educators less. (Answer Sheet)
  • A new website aims to close the gap between education researchers and practitioners. (Inside School Research)
  • A request for personal recollections of teaching in U.S. schools has already yielded 800 replies. (Gawker)

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