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What We’re Reading: What happens when a whole district ‘opts out’ of tests?

  • A Florida district is “opting out” of the state’s standardized tests, and the consequences are not clear. (Curriculum Matters)
  • Some states are planning to give PARCC tests as originally scheduled next spring. Here’s how one is getting ready. (N.J. Monthly)
  • Here are some takeaways from the trend of teachers of high-need students getting lower ratings. (Teacher Beat)
  • A homeschooling mom describes how her children dive into themes that keep them learning at different levels. (Angry Chicken)
  • Adults and students often have very different ideas about which test questions are hardest. (Grand Rounds)
  • Expanded learning time isn’t just for students. Teachers say they need it, too. (Catalyst Chicago)
  • Charter schools top U.S. News’ annual list of the country’s best high schools. Here’s why. (Daily Beast)
  • A Chicago teacher chose a charter school for his children because of its longer day and language classes. (Chicago Now)
  • An N.C. district that has gotten acclaim for going digital really highlights the challenges of doing so. (Hechinger/TIME)
  • A Texas high school guidance counselor who serves 2,000 students tells his story. (Houston Public Media)
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics has sided with teenagers and said schools should start later. (Atlantic)
  • A teacher describes how he’s shaking up his “word wall” to get students more engaged with vocabulary. (Mr. Foteah)
  • In honor of Labor Day, here’s a satirical look at what back-to-school checklists have become. (New Yorker)