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Chalkbeat's complete guide to all our ISTEP coverage

Alan Petersime

Chalkbeat has written a dozen stories since the release of ISTEP scores in early August, and we’ve collected them all here to make it easy for you to find information you want to know.

In Indiana, results of the state ISTEP exam are used as the primary measure of how schools, teachers, principals and school districts are performing. They are the backbone of the state’s accountability system, used to determine A to F grades for schools and evaluation scores that directly affect raises and sometimes even the job security of teachers and principals. Indirectly, superintendents and school boards have to answer for them, too.

But when the state releases scores for 1,800 tested public, charter and private schools that serve students in grades K to 8 statewide, it’s easy to get lost in the flood of information. Release day unleashes a torrent of news coverage, but most of it is focused at the high level, looking just at how the state scores compared overall to last year or at a small number of high profile school districts.

At Chalkbeat, we’ve spent the past month digging deeper into what the scores mean in Marion County for IPS, townships, charter schools and private schools to offer our readers a wider perspective on this critical data. We’ve collected it all here as an easy reference point. Take a look:

Find your school’s ISTEP results

Statewide: Indiana sees a small gain in ISTEP scores

Indianapolis Public Schools: ISTEP scores show steep challenges remain

Marion County townships: New strategies help boost ISTEP scores

Private schools: They dominated the list of top scoring Marion County schools

  • Private schools scored high but most saw ISTEP drops. (Find a sortable table of ISTEP scores for all participating Marion County private schools at the bottom of this story)

Charter Schools: Struggles and controversy

For More background on ISTEP

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