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Alan Petersime

Weekend Reading: How parent wariness of technology companies affects schools

  • Silicon Valley has had a hard time breaking into the education sector, and it’s because adults are willing to let the tech industry’s wild-west culture into their own lives but are still nervous about their children. (Wired)
  • The Brooklyn principal who became famous when her school was featured in “Humans of New York” explains what makes a good school leader. (The Atlantic)
  • The lessons learned from education research last year include insights on social-emotional learning, math teaching, new standards, and more. (NPR Ed)
  • Unable to generate the political will to ditch Common Core standards in many states, some lawmakers are now trying to sabotage the implementation by targeting funding and new tests. (Politico)
  • Twitter has allowed a new type of education activist — mostly non-educators and mostly opposed to the Common Core — rising influence in policy debates, a new study has found. (Hechinger)
  • A study of images showing historical conceptions of the future of education reveals a lot about our current anxieties over the role of technology in schools. (Medium)
  • Can schools have an effect on American family composition? Michael Petrilli argues that schools can support stable families by better preparing students for careers. (Education Next)
  • With Lena Dunham’s “Girls” character headed into teaching, we may be hitting “Peak Education” on television. (This Week in Education)