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Weekend Reading: How weird expectations for boy friendships fuel an epidemic of loneliness

  • Adult male loneliness and suicide begins with the odd societal expectations around boy friendships. (The Good Men Project)
  • Benjamin Hochman: The myths of manhood are harmful to boyhood. (Denver Post)
  • Who gets to have student privacy? Probably not the kids who really need it. (Medium)
  • Elite travel teams make up an insidious youth sports industrial complex. (ESPN)
  • Expert worry that preschoolers need more time at play and less time on academic work. (NY Times)
  • The advantage of having a working mother. (NY Times)
  • Wait, Michigan still has 23 one-room schoolhouses with kids from kindergarten to eighth grade in the same class? (Bridge Magazine)
  • Top 10 ways to have a better conversation about education. (Education Post)
  • A focus group of Iowa Republican likely caucus-goers admitted that they aren’t judging Jeb Bush’s support for the Common Core because they don’t understand what it is. (Vox)
  • Families at an elite New York private elementary school are divided over a new program to combat racism by discussing the racial awareness with third-graders in and out of racial “affinity groups.” (New York Magazine)
  • Ban cellphones, raise test scores? (EdWeek)
  • At Vox, Jenée Desmond-Harris argues the program is a good idea because it teaches that ignoring racism doesn’t work and it increases white students’ awareness of their own role in ending racism. (Vox)
  • Are tests biased against kids who just don’t give a, um, hoot? (The Onion)
  • Today’s the last day of school in lots of places. Here’s a history of the making of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out.” (Deadspin)

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