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Weekend Reading: The complicated connections between housing and school quality

  • Matthew Yglesias interprets the connection between median home prices and reading proficiency rates across Washington, D.C. to mean that you have to be rich to send your kids to a good school. (Vox)
  • Campbell Brown’s new education website cries foul, arguing that school quality is about much more than proficiency rates. (The Seventy-Four)
  • Philadelphia is moving to merge a few of the small high schools that opened a few years ago as support wanes and some of the schools struggle to attract students. (Newsworks)
  • Flawed assumptions about the effectiveness of punitive discipline practices may be the biggest obstacle to reducing suspensions nationally. (The Atlantic)
  • And let’s not forget that school zone lines aren’t accidental. (CityLab)
  • A mom of six in Oakland explains why she didn’t think about the local schools when she bought her home. (Design Mom)
  • Here’s how a possible school board recall election in Colorado is connected to national debates about teacher pay and school choice. (Chalkbeat Colorado)
  • Silicon Valley’s real-estate boom makes it hard for teachers to live anywhere near where they work. (Hechinger Report)
  • Valerie Strauss: Take a look at what John Kasich has been doing on education in Ohio. (Answer Sheet)
  • Ohio education official resigns after altering charter school evaluations. (Akron Becon Journal)
  • Illinois governor signs bill assuring schools open despite budget battle. (Chicago Sun-Times)

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