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Young student writes at a desk while another girl looks on.

Shocking drops in ISTEP scores have lawmakers scrambling to protect schools and teachers from sanctions.

Alan Petersime/Chalkbeat

Weekend Reading: Could parents adhere to the same expectations they have for teachers?

  • No, teachers shouldn’t do these five things, but could parents agree to the same restrictions? (Get Schooled Blog)
  • Comedians Key and Peele got a viral video hit by imagining a world in which teachers were treated the way we treat professional athletes that includes a draft, incentive pay and lots of classroom game tape. (YouTube)
  • A plan to integrate an under-enrolled California school in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood represents a new, more cooperative approach between school districts and housing developers. (Hechinger Report)
  • Ohio charter school advocates ask the state to loosen standards for comparing charter schools to traditional public schools. (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Coincidentally, the Dispatch story quoted a former lawmaker’s 1997 prediction that charter schools would do better than traditional schools on the same day he was released from federal prison for bribery. (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Michigan survey says respondents rank spending state money to fix roads ahead of fixing schools. (WDIV Detroit)
  • Chicago school cuts could mean widespread layoffs for special education staff. (Chicago Tribune)
  • A California high school teacher lists seven things he wishes the public understood about teaching, including that the “cult of the super teacher” is a myth. (Vox)
  • The Justice Department investigation found that vastly disparate treatment of black and white children in St. Louis County’s juvenile justice system that “cannot be explained by factors other than race.” (HuffPo)
  • In an analysis of data from more than 60,000 schools, a sociologist found that schools with more poor students and students of color were more likely to respond to behavioral problems with criminalized disciplinary action rather than referring students to psychological or medical care. (Vox)
  • Another new study finds that academically talented black and Hispanic students often turn away from the chance to attend elite universities in favor of schools closer to home with larger numbers of students of their race. (EWA’s Latino Ed Beat)
  • Here’s a quick guide to the research behind education buzzwords like motivation and grit. (The Atlantic)
  • The most popular high school plays over the past seven decades are “Our Town” and “You Can’t Take It With You,” plus more fun facts from an analysis of high school theater productions. (NPR Ed)
  • An intense summer program aimed at getting Mississippi third-graders who have repeatedly failed state reading tests on grade level is getting mixed results and a bit more time to succeed. (Hechinger Report)
  • A quarter of teachers who responded to a survey on teacher satisfaction reported that lack of opportunity to use the bathroom as an everyday stressor — and that seemingly small problem could have big implications for the profession. (The Atlantic)
  • A New York City education advocate sees parallels between Mayor Bill deBlasio’s fight with the car-sharing service Uber and his conflict with city charter school operators. (The 74 Million)