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Happy third birthday to Chalkbeat!

Will Clayton via Flikr

Three years ago Friday, Chalkbeat Indiana appeared on the Internet for the first time with a very simple (and temporary) website, one local journalist (me) and a daunting task ahead to try to make the state’s first nonprofit education news organization a permanent part of the Indiana media landscape.

The experiment is going well.

Today, thousands of educators, parents, students, community leaders and others rely on Chalkbeat for news and information about education in our state. Two outstanding reporters have joined our local team, and we have a recently redesigned website. If you’re one of our regular readers, thanks for helping us make Chalkbeat work!

Earlier this year, Chalkbeat and two partner organizations won one of Indiana’s top journalism prizes. This summer, a Chalkbeat-led series dove into the critical, but under-reported, story of school integration in Indianapolis and where it stands today. Chalkbeat also is the best source for information about how education connects to the 2016 election in Indiana.

If you are a regular reader, you probably know about our network by now, but in case you have recently discovered us, please check out our sister sites in New York, Tennessee and Colorado. (Plus, we have a pilot site now in Detroit!)

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