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Want a deeper understanding of school segregation? Here’s a Chalkbeat reading list

Chalkbeat, along with the Indy Star and WFYI, has been working over the past couple months to bring you stories on issues of school inequality in Indianapolis — work that will culminate in a community conversation later this month.

Our reporting has let us engage in dozens of conversations with educators, researchers, policymakers and community members about the problems that come with segregation and how diversity might improve within the city.

READ MORE: Find the entire series here.

READ MORE: Find the entire series here.

But we’ve also done plenty of reading: articles, studies, books, legislation and more — online and off — that have helped give us a broader context for how these issues shape education, both in Indianapolis and in many major cities across the country.

Plus, some are just good stories.

So if you’re planning to join us for our free event on Sept. 21 at the Central Library — and even if you’re not — you may be interested in this list of stories and primary sources we used to report our “Schools Divided” series.

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By no means is this list comprehensive — if you have suggestions for other relevant articles or research, please leave links in the comments section.

As we keep reporting on community conversations around segregation and possible solutions and ways to address it going forward, we’ll do our best to update the list.


Segregation Now — ProPublica

Failure Factories — Tampa Bay Times

Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City — The New York Times

School districts are a big reason for the rise in income segregation in the U.S., study says — LA Times

Housing and School Segregation in Indianapolis — IntegratEducation

You’ve probably never heard of one of the worst Supreme Court decisions — The Washington Post

The City That Believed in Desegregation — The Atlantic

Can Charlotte-Mecklenburg Desegregate Its Schools … Again? — The American Prospect

Connecticut Makes Rare Progress On School Segregation As America Moves Backwards — The Huffington Post

Brown v. Board of Education – 50 years later Segregation creeps back into schools — Indy Star

IPS desegregation status once again in judge’s hands — Indy Star

The Changing Face of Indianapolis: 1970- 1979 Desegregation order transformed IPS — Indy Star

The Indianapolis Experience: The Anatomy of a Desegregation Case — Indiana Law Review

The status of integration and segregation of Indy’s public schools — Indianapolis Recorder


Money, Race and Success: How Your School District Compares — The New York Times

Diversity in the Classroom — The New York Times

National Equity Atlas — PolicyLink and the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity


Are schools more segregated than in the 50s? What does the data say? — Education By The Numbers from The Hechinger Report

Historical Injustice in the Urban Environment: The Ecological Implications of Residential Segregation in Indianapolis — Indiana Legal Archive

Increasing Racial Isolation and Test Score Gaps in Mathematics: A 30-Year Perspective — Mark Berends and Roberto Peñaloza

Public School Choice and Racial Sorting: An Examination of Charter Schools in Indianapolis — Marc Stein

The Civil Rights Project — UCLA

40 Years After Unigov: Indianapolis and Marion County’s Experience with Consolidated Government — Jeff Wachter

Consolidation Versus Fragmentation: The Relationship Between School District Boundaries and Segregation in Three Southern Metropolitan Areas — Penn State Law Review

Trends in School Economic Segregation, 1970 to 2010 — Ann Owens, Sean F. Reardon and Christopher Jencks

School Composition and the Black–White Achievement Gap — U.S. Department of Education

Harming the best: How schools affect the black-white achievement gap — Eric A. Hanushek and Steven G. Rivkin

Recent Developments in the Termination of School Desegregation Decrees: Kevin Brown

The Effect of Desegregation Actions on White Enrollment Declines in the Indianapolis Public Schools — David R. James


Governing Metropolitan Indianapolis: The Politics of Unigov — Carroll James Owen and York Y. Willbern

The Indianapolis Story School Segregation and Desegregation in a Northern City — Emma Lou Thornbrough, Published by the Indiana Historical Society

Indianapolis Public Schools desegregation cases — 1971, 1978, 1997, 1998

The Problem We All Live With — This American Life, part one, part two