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Indiana educators: How would proposed restrictions on teaching about race and identity affect your classroom?

Close-up of the arms of a teacher and student facing each other opposite a desk with workbooks on it.
An Indiana bill would require schools to post curriculum materials online and involve parents in the curriculum selection process.
Peter Muller / Getty Images

Indiana lawmakers have introduced a bill that would restrict what teachers can teach about race and racism, as well as what schools can mandate as part of diversity and equity training.

It would also require schools to post curriculum materials online, involve parents in the curriculum selection process, and obtain parent permission for mental health services for their children.

The proposal would create a process for parents to file a complaint, beginning with speaking to the school principal and allowing for potential civil litigation.

The bill would ban teaching concepts that suggest students of one race bear responsibility for past actions against those of another race; or that cause feelings of guilt or anguish among students.

Chalkbeat wants to hear from Indiana educators: How would this proposed legislation affect you? What are your most pressing questions and concerns? Let us know in the survey below.

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