Innovation schools

Indianapolis Public Schools heads into winter break without consensus on an operating referendum that must be certified for the ballot by Feb. 17.
Decatur High Ability Academy’s status as an innovation school will allow it to accept students who live outside of the district.
The IPS school board voted to make School 43 an innovation arts school, and to renew an innovation agreement with the Matchbook Learning charter school.
The move to transform School 43 into an arts school is part of the district’s broader Rebuilding Stronger plan, which aims to increase academic opportunities for students of color.
The change comes after hundreds of people signed a petition to keep the charter school out of Harshman, a traditional public school.
The schools could become the third and fourth to be removed from the innovation network since its creation.
Ignite, which has rebranded as the Genius School, is on probationary status and could still face closure.
Monarca Academy staff looks to enroll one to two classes of 6th graders by the end of the summer.
What went wrong? Advocates question why Kindezi decided to shut down on short notice, and whether IPS should have done more to avoid the school closure.
Instead of finding a new charter operator or running the school itself, IPS will recommend closing Joyce Kilmer School 69 on the eastside.
IPS wants to bring in Liberty Grove Schools to run School 42 after IPS did not renew a contract with its current operator, Ignite Achievement Academy.
A review of its five-year term found students performing worse than before the charter took control.
If the IPS board votes to not renew the contract, Ignite would finish out the school year and the district would announce further plans in January.
Families and advocates have been asking IPS to share its 2018 referendum revenues with innovation charter schools, in part so they can keep pace on teacher pay.
Indianapolis Public School parents have two virtual charter school options if they want their children to learn remotely this 2021-22 school year.
Indianapolis Public Schools staff and students who are vaccinated can opt-out of wearing masks in classrooms when school starts
Charter schools Monarca Academy, for grades 6-12, and Liberty Grove Schools, K-8, are trying to join the IPS innovation network
A new Indianapolis group wants to give underserved Black and Latino parents a voice in their children’s schools. Here’s how they plan to engage families.
I am the LGBTQ+ representation I never had. Even now, too few students see themselves reflected in their educators.
Instead of a five-year renewal for four privately run schools, Indianapolis Public Schools may extend current contracts, so they can gather test and other data on performance.
The battle for control of the IPS board has become contentious and politicized.
In the at-large race for IPS board, charter-friendly candidate Kenneth Allen unseated incumbent Elizabeth Gore.
The vigorous campaign pitted well-financed supporters of the current IPS administration against opponents who are critical of the district’s collaboration with charter schools.
Indianapolis charter schools that won grants learned that restrictions that weren’t mentioned in the initial application would prevent them from accepting the money.
With limited and delayed oversight from state and county officials, the philosophy of independence is pushing charter school leaders to respond to the pandemic in myriad ways.
Five charter schools in Indianapolis are opening for the 2020-21 academic year, in addition to three Indianapolis Public Schools “innovation schools” where charter operators are taking over management of existing schools.
PPP loans presented an additional opportunity for federal relief funds for charter schools and private schools.
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