Rise & Shine: Counting attendance in school ratings could be smart — or completely misleading

A PATH FORWARD Westminster Public Schools and state officials are weighing a plan that would give the struggling district’s competency-based learning approach more time to work, with some help from a couple of outside players. Chalkbeat Colorado

SAY YOU WANT A RESOLUTION Denver’s school board is criticizing — and trying to distance itself — from President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Chalkbeat Colorado

Trump’s budget — another focus of the school board’s ire — would hurt after-school programs, DPS says. Denver Post

QUALITY QUEST Colorado policy-makers have made changes to the state’s complicated $86 million child care subsidy program but much work remains to ensure poor kids get the same level of care available to wealthier peers. Chalkbeat Colorado

FIRST PERSON States that are beginning to count attendance as a measure of school success — Colorado among them — ought to consider the potential drawbacks. Chalkbeat

NATIONAL SERVICE Chalkbeat’s Eric Gorski spoke to Ryan Warner on Colorado Public Radio’s Colorado Matters about how local schools would be impacted by eliminating AmeriCorps — oh, and Gorski gets on his hobby horse about how voters were misled about marijuana legalization helping schools. CPR

UNDER THE DOME Colorado lawmakers reached a compromise on a teen sexting bill. Denver PostChannel 7

NEVER FORGET Thursday marked the 18th anniversary of the Columbine tragedy. Denver Post, Channel 7, FOX31

Two Douglas County Schools students were arrested for reporting non-existent threats against their schools in an attempt to shut them down on the Columbine anniversary. 9News

FOUND IN SPACE Students Lafayette’s Centaurus High School cheered alum Jack Fischer as he boarded the International Space Station. Daily Camera