Rise & Shine: Still no deal on mayoral control as clock is running out

NEW ROLE Brooklyn School of Inquiry Principal Donna Taylor announced she will leave the school, taking on a new position in the education department. Chalkbeat

DEAL OR NO DEAL Mayor Bill de Blasio’s control of the city’s schools will expire this week unless the legislature steps in to extend it. De Blasio has painted a grim picture of what could happen if it lapses, but how much does does mayoral control actually matter? New York Times

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he hopes a deal will be struck before mayoral control lapses. New York Daily News

Some charter school insiders are confident they could gain traction if de Blasio — whose support for charters has been tepid — loses control of the city’s schools. New York Daily News

Editorial: “Mayoral control, which ensures accountability to the voters, deserves acceptance as a bedrock principle, untrammeled by standard Albany horse-trading.” New York Times

COMMUNITY VOICES Opinion: “When I listen to Mayor de Blasio decry the corruption and chaos of the old local elected school boards, I see it as an attack on the ability of communities of color to run their own affairs,” argues Angelo Falcón, President of the National Institute for Latino Policy. Gotham Gazette

Opinion: The mayor’s claim that there will be “chaos and corruption” if mayoral control expires ignores reforms to the previous governance structure that included strong accountability mechanisms, says education professor David Bloomfield. Gotham Gazette

SOCIAL STUDIES Meet Anna Switzer, a former principal and evangelist for social studies who is helping schools across the city design units of study on topics ranging from subways to the Arctic. New York Times

MIAMI TRIP Some have criticized Mayor de Blasio for attending the United States Conference of Mayors in Florida instead of staying in New York to lobby for control of the city’s schools. Fox 5, New York Post

Still, he promised to hit the ground running this week to pressure legislators to extend mayoral control. New York Post

SCHOOL SEGREGATION Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña said she plans to build on the city’s recent diversity plan. New York Daily News

TEACHER TURNOVER Opinion: Why teacher turnover persuaded one parent to leave a charter school in favor of a traditional district school. New York Daily News

LOWERING THE BAR Students who took the Regents Common Core Algebra I exam this month had to answer fewer answers correctly to earn a passing score — the lowest since the test was introduced. New York Post

SCHOOL SUIT An assistant principal at John Bowne High School claims in a lawsuit that the principal retaliated against him for speaking out against grade inflation. New York Daily News

SPECIALIZED DIVERSITY Opinion: Diversity at the city’s elite specialized high schools should be encouraged by tweaking a program that offers admission to students who just missed the testing cutoff, not by eliminating the test, according to the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Association president. City & State

CHARGES FILED A former after-school counselor was charged with child endangerment for his role in reportedly putting a 6-year-old in a closest as a punishment. New York Post

RENEWAL DATA Opinion: Renewal schools have not made significant academic progress compared to schools with similar test scores, graduation rates, and demographics — according to an analysis from Teachers College professor Aaron Pallas conducted at Chalkbeat’s request. New York Daily News, Chalkbeat (6/21)

FREE LUNCH The education department will offer about 7 million free meals as part of its summer lunch program. New York 1