Rise & Shine: A Bronx student stabbed two classmates, leaving one dead

SCHOOL STABBING An 18-year-old student stabbed two classmates, one fatally, Wednesday morning during a history class at at the Bronx’s Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation. Chalkbeat, New York Daily News, New York Times, New York Post, New York 1, Politico New York, Wall Street Journal, CBS, DNAinfo, Associated Press, Gothamist

Abel Cedeno, the student accused of the stabbing, appeared to say that he had been bullied. New York Post, New York Daily News 

POLICY QUESTIONS The episode comes amid continuing debate over school safety, but incidents like it are extremely rare. Major crimes in schools are at the lowest levels since 1998, and a student hasn’t killed another student in a school building in over two decades. Chalkbeat

Parents raised concerns about the lack of metal detectors at the school, which a police official said would have picked up the switchblade used in the stabbing. But it isn’t clear that metal detectors are the best way to keep weapons out, and they have negative consequences of their own. New York Times, New York 1

Opinion: Though a full accounting of the facts is needed, Wednesday’s episode raises legitimate questions about Mayor Bill de Blasio’s school safety policies, according to education professor David Bloomfield. New York Daily News

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE The Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation has struggled with violent incidents and school safety issues in the past. New York Daily News

Before Wednesday, a student had not been killed in a school building in nearly 25 years. Here are the most recent times those tragedies have occurred. New York Daily News

STUDENT VOICES Caleb Carman, a student at LaGuardia high school, says that despite being a school geared toward the arts, it does not foster creativity. “That’s the problem with our education system now, that mistakes are the worst things you can make,” he said. Hechinger Report

FINAL WORD City investigators say Deputy Mayor Richard Buery did not get special treatment when he enrolled his children in some of the city’s most coveted public schools. New York Post

ABUSE INVESTIGATION The KIPP charter network has hired a law firm to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct that occurred in New York City over 10 years ago. KIPP officials said no current students or staff members are involved. New York Times